Retired Solicitor Tony Bennett is outraged by a lot of things, but nothing winds him up more than the metric system. He’s impassioned for imperial and is doing everything he can to resist the forces of metrication. Now he’s travelling over 200 miles from his bungalow in Shropshire to put his hometown of Bournemouth back in imperial order - a true metric martyr.

This film was made for Channel 4’s First Cut Pitch at the Sheffield Documentary Festival 2019. Five finalists were chosen from over 70 applicants. We were given an identical brief: to shoot and edit a three-minute film based on the idea of outrage. It was up to us how we interpreted this brief and to demonstrate directorial talent.

I was selected unanimously by the judges as the winner of the pitch and subsequently was awarded a 1x60’ First Cut commission, a one month paid development, a mentorship with an indie and a week’s training at the National Film and Television School.

“Ashley’s film was a surprising and witty take on big ideas of identity and national belonging. We are always looking for stories that are unique and shed light on our fractured and impassioned times; in both subject and approach Ashley has demonstrated that he has an exciting new voice to offer."
— Rita Daniels - First Cut strand comissioner

"A neatly done, brilliant piece of portraiture."
— Rowan Deacon - Director

Commissioning Editor:  Rita Daniels

With Thanks To: Wonder TV, Platform Post

Dubbing Editor: Rebecca Smith

Colourist and Online Editor: Tom Young

Editor: Ben Hills

Filmed, Produced and Directed by:  Ashley Francis-Roy