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How Not To be Racist

SHOOTING PRODUCER/ DIRECTOR     (3x3 mins’)     


A lighthearted but all-too-essential look at racism and microaggressions.


It’s easy not to be racist, right? Think again as Chanté Joseph breaks down the nuances of race in Britain with her revealing insights into how non-black people must try harder in their quest to learn How Not To Be Racist.

Chanté Joseph has been nominated for the Debut Presenter Award by Edinburgh TV Festival's New Voice Awards for our films - How Not To Be Racist

Commissioning Editor:  Fozia Khan

Written and Presented:  Chanté Joseph

Production Company:  Acme Films

Researchers: Raphael D’Cruz, Sobia Khan

Production Accountant : Rodney Brooks

Head of Production : Sacha Whitmarsh

Junior Production Manager : Emma Garvie

Assistant Producer: Nelson Adeosun

Editor: Jack Edmonds

Executive Producers: Jaimie D’Cruz, Evie Buckley

Filmed, Produced and Directed by:  Ashley Francis-Roy