Hometown: A Killing

PRODUCER     (6x30 mins’)     7WONDER for BBC THREE

Award-winning journalist Mobeen Azhar moves back to his hometown of Huddersfield to cover the death of Mohammed Yassar Yaqub. Yaqub was shot dead by police on an M62 slip road on a cold and wet January evening in 2017.


But with rumours of drug empires, money laundering and high performance cars, just days into his reporting of the case, Mobeen realises that there is a much bigger story in town. With violence on the streets and a town that is terrified to talk, Mobeen attempts to find out where the truth really lies in a journey that forces him to face some ugly truths about his community and hometown.

WINNER Best Presenter, and NOMINEE Best Documentary Series - Royal Television Society Programme Awards.

WINNER Best Presenter, and NOMINEE  Best Documentary Series - Grierson Documentary Awards


“An unflinching look at the faultlines of a Muslim community"

Financial Times

Hometown was truly shocking, a chilling indictment of how drugs crime has unleashed casual violence on ordinary streets across Britain."

Daily Mail

Commissioning Editor:  Emma Loach

Presented by:  Mobeen Azhar

Production Company:  Wonder TV

Editor: Wesley Thomas

Producer: Ashley Francis-Roy

Series Producers: Catey Sexton, Wendie Ottewill

Executive Producer: Jez lee

Series Directors: Jonathan Low, Richard Wyllie