Adventures in Futureland


Jamali Maddix meets extraordinary characters making a living in the digital era, from online sex workers to bitcoin millionaires and children supporting their families by uploading viral content

Comedian and film maker Jamali Maddix explores the wild west frontier of Sex, Fame and Money in the digital era. In Miami and Las Vegas he discovers a new breed of entrepreneurial performer providing bespoke personalised sex services for a price. In LA he meets children who have become global online celebrities. And in Puerto Rico he joins a Bitcoin billionaire and his followers who are trying to create a radical new community.

Commissioning Editor:  Alf Lawrie

Presented by:  Jamali Maddix

Production Company:  Acme Films

Assistant Producer: Ashley Francis-Roy, Sarah Muhsen, Poppy Begum and Evie Buckley

Executive Producer: Jaimie D’Cruz

Filmed and Directed by: David McConnell and Lauren Jacobs